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Top 5 things that are overused/overdone in Lebanese Weddings

Lebanese people are known for their love to celebrate and their exposure to the latest trends. However, some trends can become overused. Here are the top 5 things that we see in Lebanese weddings.

1- The wedding dress photo

This is very pretty photography shot, however, we’ve been seeing this recently im almost all the weddings. Try to be more creative in your photos, explore new ideas with your photographer and most of all… keep it natural.

2- The famous first dance move

Where the groom holds his bride and turns, and turns, and turns… enough, I’m dizzy!

3- The “mabrouk” (congratulations) song by Rami Ayach for cake cutting.

Check it out on the following link:

4- The “zaffe” (entertainment) schizophrenia 

Sometimes the couple can’t decide which theme of “zaffe” they like the most so they decide to have them all: the traditional Lebanese show along with the Brazilian carnival, not to forget the venetian valse show!

5- Holding the bride and groom on shoulders

We know you are really happy for your friend/relative but holding them on your shoulders will only harm your back, and exhaust the bride or groom who will be shaking left and right from 1 person’s shoulders to another. In 3 words: Please Stop It! They know you’re happy for them!

Share with us your thoughts and suggestions.

Happy wedding season!

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